Aug 09 2012

AAM Hosts Geocortex User Conference

AAM Hosts Geocortex User Conference

AAM hosted the Australian Geocortex User Conference in Sydney on the 4th and 5th September, 2012.

Review our dedicated Geocortex webpage.

Conference Schedule:

Day 1: Workshop, Tuesday 4th September, 9.00am- 4.00pm
Day 1 was a technical training day for users and developers of Web GIS applications.

Day 2: Seminar, Wednesday 5th September, 10.00am- 3.00pm
Day 2 was an applications seminar. This day benefited anyone who is interested in implementing Web GIS applications quickly through configuration and minimal development. We had guest speakers that have been successful with Geocortex and provided insight into the rapidly developing world of Web mapping, 3D-enabled Web GIS, offline support and "cloud" services for enterprise desktop and mobile devices.