Jan 15 2016



GEOCIRRUS is your complete, cloud based geospatial platform. GEOCIRRUS provides enterprise grade GIS functionality and data storage. GEOCIRRUS tools and applications help you to solve problems, to collaborate and share your ideas and solutions, all in a user friendly GIS web browser. GEOCIRRUS does not require expensive or specialised hardware or software thereby reducing cost, risk and IT.

GEOCIRRUS brings your geospatial content to life by combining maps with rich stories and multimedia content so users feel connected and stay engaged.

GEOCIRRUS solutions are used by professionals in areas including, architecture, engineering and construction, Smart Cities and Urban Planning, Infrastructure, Environment, IT and Big Data, GIS and so much more.

GEOCIRRUS provides powerful yet simple to use tools and functionality allowing both technical and non-technical users to work side by side. With GEOCIRRUS you can view, analyse, create and share maps and location information.