Welcome to AAM

AAM is a leading spatial information technology provider. Our exceptional capabilities in business mapping, asset information, geographic information system (GIS) projects and enterprise solutions, and location-based services are sought after internationally.

To serve our clients we have almost 500 geospatial professionals and a fleet of custom equipped aircraft operating across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Africa.

Our global resources allow us to respond quickly and effectively wherever our clients are located.

50 Years of Innovation

AAM has a long-standing reputation for innovation. We have stayed at the forefront of geospatial technology for over 50 years. Our teams have introduced pioneering innovations to the market and continue to adopt industry-leading technology such as mobile and airborne laser scanning, high resolution satellite imagery, 360º spherical imaging, SiteSee™ and Pictometry®.

Our experts can integrate client data with all major geospatial platforms (e.g. ESRI©, MapInfo®, Bing Maps™, Google Earth™) and offer consulting on enterprise GIS solutions, spatial data creation and management.

When solutions do not exist we create them, like the advanced systems we have implemented for the accurate collection, analysis, presentation and integration of geospatial information. We are also proactive in building extensive libraries of digital photography, 3D building models and high resolution digital terrain datasets to reduce our clients' costs.

Our ability to create, customise, and tailor solutions to meet our clients' exacting requirements and constraints - be they geographic, budgetary or time - is why our services remain in high demand.

Diverse Range Of Clients

AAM has a wealth of expertise across a diverse range of industries. We have decades of experience in the areas of Resources (Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas), Infrastructure, Utilities, Government, Forestry & Environment, and Finance & Insurance. And for each of these areas we have dedicated team members with advanced industry knowledge and specialist skills.

We welcome enquiries from all industries and markets. Our services enable you to capture, analyse, and monitor everything from vast expanses of landscape down to individual pieces of machinery. Our consultants can assist with every stage of your project, from the business case to the implementation and beyond. No matter the scale of your project, AAM has the expertise, the tools, and the experience to meet your requirements.


When accuracy is the hallmark of your services, quality is central to your culture.

For us quality extends beyond accurate measurement and into every facet of our business. Quality is being focused on our clients' needs and undertaking constant critical appraisal of our processes.

We work to identify and implement improvements. These give us insights for innovation that deliver benefits for our clients. We find that the constant addition of small refinements, as much as the major leaps in innovation, ensure AAM remains a leader in our field.

Our efforts are for AAM's singular goal: for our products and services to always, without fail, meet our clients' specified needs and expectations for accuracy, value, timely delivery, communications and, of course, innovation.

To this end AAM is committed to the implementation and maintenance of our Quality System and ISO9001 certification. Our Australian operations are externally certified to ISO9001: 2015.

Some of our key certifications include: GITC  (Q-3658 or QAssure 10012) and AEO (0083).

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ISO 9001 quality management


AAM’s focus on innovation has been recognised by industry. In 2016, AAM was awarded both the Western Australia Spatial Excellence Awards for Best Overall and Best Export. In 2014, AAM was named Geospatial Solutions Company of the Year at the Geospatial World Forum. AAM is also the only spatial company to be the recipient of the coveted JK Barrie Award on three occasions: 2014, 2011 and 2010. The JK Barrie award being the pinnacle Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award.


AAM is committed to providing a workplace free from injury or work related ill health for our employees, contractors and visitors.

We are proud of our Lost Time To Injury record. We have been able to maintain our high level of workplace safety by incorporating a series of effective practices.

We ensure that all of our staff recognise that communication and consultation on safety issues and improvement opportunities is vital to their safety and AAM's overall safety performance.

We implemented a documented Safety Management System which we are continually improving upon. By abiding by our Safety Management System we ensure that AAM complies with or exceeds all relevant safety legislative requirements and the appropriate safety codes of the practice and standards that pertain to our activities.

We provide our employees with all of the safety information, instruction, training, equipment and supervision that is required to perform their duties safely.

We document the responsibilities and expectations for safety across all positions within AAM and we ensure all employees implement a hazard identification and risk management approach to all of their work activities as the key strategy for preventing work place safety incidents.
AAM is a smoke free workplace. We work to maintain a workplace that is also free from the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol. In the unlikely event of prolonged absence or injury, we work with employees to implement an early return to work through employee rehabilitation plans.

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AAM is committed to operating in an ecologically sustainable manner, delivering environmental best practice, and providing continual improvement of our environmental performance by setting objectives, measuring progress and communicating results.

We aim to deliver environmental best practices in our work and operate in an ecologically sustainable manner. Our environmental performance, like all of our processes, undergoes continuous improvement. We have regularly updated objectives, we measure our progress against those objectives, and communicate the results.

Any of our activities that have an environmental impact and are within our control are managed to conserve resources, reduce waste and eliminate or minimise adverse environmental effects and risks.

We comply with applicable National and State environmental legislation and regulations, other statutory obligations, and relevant codes of practice.

But our commitment to the environment goes beyond mere legal compliance. We identify, promote, and strive to achieve, best practice in environmental management.

We also provide an environmentally sound workplace and work to increase our range of environmentally sound work practices.
And we continually explore opportunities for improved environmental awareness within our relationships with stakeholders.

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