3D GIS and Visualisation

3D GIS and Visualisation

AAM has been modelling the built and natural environment in 3D since 1995. We have extensive expertise in the 3D modelling of major urban areas and integrating these models into governmental decision processes.

AAM currently provides numerous cities in Australasia, Africa and Asia with 3D urban models and supporting software for their cross-departmental use.

Applications include developmental planning processes like examining the visual impacts of development and shadow analysis. They also deliver complex decision support through simulations such as traffic flow and flood risks. Our models have even been used to identify vantage points and plan crowd management for firework spectaculars.

The simulation ability of our system brings the fourth dimension, time, into play changing geospatial data from a descriptive tool into an analytic tool. The system, Key 2 Virtual Insight (K2Vi), allows decision makers to rapidly assess a wide range of scenarios, options, and responses to make fully informed and effective decisions.

K2Vi was developed by AAM to give our clients access to powerful features they needed, but were not being supplied on the market. We continue to extend K2Vi's functionality in consultation with our clients to create a single platform that best serves their 3D visualisation and simulation needs.

360 degree video - sitesee

Using the technology we call SiteSeeTM, you can virtually go SiteSee'ing. This innovative and powerful georeferenced imagery provides valuable information for desktop reviews of commercial or industrial complexes, individual floors of a building and road assets to name just a few applications. The GPS data captured during recording ensures the applications of this data are endless. 

Image viewing and manipulation features are intuitive and include freeze frame, zoom-in and zoom-out and more. Using a range of versatile data capture platforms, unique and valuable perspectives are available to satisfy your requirements.

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