Web Mapping with Geocortex

Web Mapping with Geocortex and Web GIS

In 2005 Google Maps introduced the power of Web Mapping to the world. Now everyone takes for granted browser-based mapping tools and we use them on a daily basis from phones as much as desktop computers.

During the same period Web Mapping has become commonplace within organisations and its usage continues to grow. Typically organisations adopt Web Mapping tools in order to improve access to spatial information across the enterprise or for particular project work. Once Web Mapping tools are in place they find that the distributed nature of the tools facilitate collaboration, resulting in better decisions and better project outcomes.

Moving beyond supporting internal processes, many organisations now incorporate Web Mapping into the online services they provide their constituents. They find it enables easy access to organisational information and services, even through mobile devices.

At AAM, Web Mapping is just one of the technologies we have incorporated into our 20 years experience in implementing Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) for our clients. It is included in our powerful Web GIS system, Geocortex.

With the Geocortex system Web GIS has grown well beyond consumer Web Mapping applications like Google Maps. Geocortex provides rich functionality including editing, geo-processing, and analysis across multiple databases. Importantly, it provides a browser-based enterprise GIS interface that is light on resources and easy to use, yet still powerful and at a much reduced cost of ownership.



Geocortex has been updated. See under 'collateral' for new features!

AAM provides Geocortex for Web Mapping and Web GIS applications. It is designed for enterprises looking to introduce GIS and also for existing GIS users who need more sophisticated analysis tools and a faster turn-around of GIS data.

Geocortex gives you a significant headstart by supplying a comprehensive suite of pre-built functionality. Geocortex’s wide range of included features is designed to allow you to quickly create custom GIS applications using a configuration approach instead of requiring coding.

The heart of Geocortex’s configuration system is the Workflow Designer. With Designer you can quickly and visually map out the steps needed to implement your business processes. Designer’s simulation power enables you to continuously monitor the output results as you design to ensure you get it right the first time.

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