Jun 19 2011

Diverse applications of RapidEye satellite data this year

Diverse applications of RapidEye satellite data this year

Given the series of natural events in the world this year, RapidEye data has been deployed successfully in a variety of applications in our region, ranging from damage extent and intensity assessment to routine monitoring of commercial operations, for example:

"The extensive and recent nature of RapidEye archive imagery, combined with its 5m orthoimage resolution and the 5 spectral bands, has proven popular and an effective data source, says Gail Kelly, Leader of the AAM Satellite Team. "Many people are now utilising the recently released beta RapidEye archive search tool called EyeFIND and formulating new projects they can undertake. It is an exciting time for AAM and RapidEye with its constellation of 5 identical satellites".

Many of AAM's clients are now using the new RapidEye archive search tool, “EyeFIND”, to conceptualise new projects which can benefit from the compelling imagery solutions from RapidEye.

To find out more on RapidEye capabilities, view our YouTube™ video below, or visit our RapidEye webpage.

Above: 2011 RapidEye flood image from southern Australia