Mar 12 2014

New Zealand: 2014 RapidEye Imagery now available

New Zealand: 2014 RapidEye Imagery now available

The RapidEye constellation of five identical satellites has imaged New Zealand during the recent summer months to provide users with 5m resolution orthoimagery.

RapidEye satellite imagery from October 2013 to early March 2014 was attained with optimal sun angles and is available now for purchase from AAM Pty Ltd. Contact our Team to receive more information on this successful Imaging Campaign.

If you wish to complete your own search for multitemporal data, search the RapidEye online archive EyeFIND to examine the depth of 5m ortho information available for New Zealand. Feel free to email us your area of interest and contact details.

If you require submetre satellite imagery or LIDAR data, AAM can also support your requirements.

North Island and South Island, New Zealand in 2014