Sep 13 2016

GEOCIRRUS boosts Oil Spill response effectiveness.

GEOCIRRUS boosts Oil Spill response effectiveness.

When responding to an oil spill, time is absolutely critical. Environmental factors and the unpredictable nature of marine clean-ups mean that access to crucial data-analysis tools can have huge financial and environmental impacts.

Access to advanced modelling technologies that combine metocean and drift trajectory data enable responders to prepare and predict how an oil spill will affect a surrounding area.

These advances have also seen the development of spill modelling products, such as GEOCIRRUS’ Marine Trajectory Tool, that can provide responders with trajectory forecasts and other crucial metocean data within minutes of an oil spill occurring. The applications provided by this tool are not limited to minimalizing the impact of a spill; this type of spatial information is needed in recovering missing persons or sunken marine vessels.

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Screenshot of GEOCIRRUS Marine Trajectory tool

GEOCIRRUS Marine Trajectory tool shows the predicted path of an oil spill