Sep 15 2016

Putting Urban Forestry on the map

Putting Urban Forestry on the map

Join AAM Presenter Carly Lambert at Curtin University on the 27th of September at John Curtin University for SIBA’s Putting Urban Forestry on the Map. The presentation will include an engaging lecture on the role of modern GIS technology in vegetation mapping using GEOCIRRUS Cities.

Borrowing the principles of mapping solar potential GEOCIRRUS uses data from environmental layers such as periodic temperature, rainfall averages and hourly sun angles in order to build a vegetation database as well as performing shadow and exposure analysis. GEOCIRRUS Cities has the potential to build edible gardens, assist in planning aquaponics systems in densely populated urban area where access to greenery isn’t typically feasible.

A key note address will also be given by Professor Peter Newman BSc (Hons) PhD (UWA), Dip ES&T (Delft), Professor of Sustainability, Curtin University. The Lecture will be held on Tuesday, September 27th at Curtin University, Jones Lecture Theatre, Building 402, Room 220.