Geocirrus Intelligent 3D Content

AAM is a full-suite geospatial company that holds current Level of Detail 3 (LOD3) 3D Models for all Australian East Coast capital cities. AAM prides itself on efficiency in capturing, processing and delivering our 3D datasets to our clients in a variety of ways. Our 3D datasets are used within many organisations (including Councils) as their single point of truth, heavily used for DAAs and strategic planning.  AAM performs regular updates of these models to support our clients in bringing true value to their organisation, their clients and the customers they serve. 

3D Cities Uses

Our product has many uses and supports its users with:

  • 4D Construction Sequencing
  • Context Model
  • Supplement survey 
  • Photo Study 
  • Visualisation and renders 
  • Terrain/Building levels 
  • Accurate shadow study 
  • View shed analysis
  • Context models for BIM
  • Aids in impact assessments (visibility, acoustic etc.)


  • Industry-leading visualisation
  • Effective communication of complex ideas
  • More informed decisions internally and for clients
  • Reduced project delays
  • Identical model used by Councils, Developers and Architects 
  • Level of accuracy you can count on (0.10m~0.30m)
  • Flexibility in consuming our data in many desktop programs (3D Max, Sketchup etc.) or hosted and made available from the comfort of a web browser
  • Provided in whichever coordinate system is required
  • Context Model
  • Supplement survey


Our pricing model caters for location flexibility and we offer two licensing options. All pricing includes dataset preparation, and the soft copy supply of LOD3 models, imagery and terrain in a suitable format. All pricing excludes GST.

Perpetual - One off purchase of dataset, with no ongoing costs 
Subscription – Yearly, subscription options available, includes access to future data updates (as they arise).

Please contact us at on pricing or contact your local AAM office

We tailor our pricing specific to your requirements and can give you a quote within one hour and delivery of the 3D city model within 2 - 3 days.

For more information, please contact your local AAM office, or send us and email at